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 The Black Book with Golden Pages

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PostSubject: The Black Book with Golden Pages   Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:13 pm

A few of those graves out by the church in Blackwater, if you never knew at least one them is hollow. It's said a time ago, there was a German company that had started right in Texas long ago in the shoddy area of Thieves Landing. The owner whose name everyone seems to forget well he was into some real shady business. All I know is he came from the Carmine blood, a family so old and large in size but yet so surprisingly connected, they were some of the first people to do business with daemons....and capture them too. Well going back to Mr. Carmine's shady dealings, they say he used to be in the most feared and successful gang in all of Texas, robbed every bank there was, it was like a fun challenge for em', only one of them survived long enough to collect the loot. They say those criminals were so untouchable for the simple fact that they themselves had no souls, gave em' up to none other then Lucifer himself.

Mr. Carmine now had the two things in the world humanity always wished for in society, immortality, and a decent amount of wealth, but he wanted more. The Carmine family had always had a lust for wealth, that seemed to always be their fatal flaw. Cerberus Industries came by his insurmountable greed and soon it was the whole town of Thieve's Landing....and then it went across the world. Time passed on and these two fellers, a Johnson and a Hutchins...well they were pretty mysterious themselves. The Johnson was a man back from the dead it seems and the Hutchins, more of a demonic entity than even Carmine. These three, their families connected by bonds older than Texas made them an unstoppable force. The thing that brought their downfall in Texas? That's simple, Mr. Carmine wanted to be good and make up for his sins.

See Mr. Carmine he was a good loving man, his family been crusaders since the times of old. You won't believe how much work he put in for god to forgive him. This was when this huge black book came into play. This book never left Mr. Carmine, ever. Where else to keep it safe but on his near indestructible body? He went everywhere, down in Texas and all other activities for the devil to buy himself some time, he would be getting his soul back. The funny thing is, when Mr. Carmine did get his soul back after he was near driven mad by his chores, they say the lord himself took his soul and doomed him to stay on the soil of mortals until he redeemed himself. See that's when Mr. Carmine began to turn into a more fortunate soul. He made weapons for the rebels against the corrupt government and was even tortured impossibly so. That's when he realized he did bleed again and he did scream in agony and feel the pain, he just couldn't die.

Keith Hawkins didn't know that though. A man who had such high morals and standing slowly began to hate Mr. Carmine for he was bringing industry to Texas, this meant the end of the cowboy, his dream. The Sons of Liberty of course were untouchable, they were higher than the law and they could do what they pleased. He shot the Mr. Johnson right on church ground during a funeral trying to kill the two of them. The fight ended in a draw but it wouldn't be the end of it. They would then attempt to murder Mr. Johnson and Mr. Carmine right in the police office all the way out of town and to a field where Carmine lay. They say he seemed like he wanted to live as the bullet slammed into his chest as the thought of his life being ended came into play. The funeral was soon afterwards. Mr. Hutchins had been killed earlier by some military folk and as the three were laid to rest it rained, like on the day Carmine shook hands with the Devil and gave his soul away.

Grave robbers came the next night and what they found was, disturbing. The ground had seemingly been dug from below and up from the middle coffin and the other two dug open with bare hands. The middle coffin was entirely filled with blood as if whoever was in there never died but just wouldn't stop bleeding. The coffins were all three empty, and so was the black book that the grave robbers came for. They say later the black book had been held by a Marshall who was a Hutchins and then held by a Carmine in the military, they say that it holds all of the secrets of the supernatural world in them, all that of which the three families have seen over the course of history. They say that the black book with golden pages, is looking for Mr. Carmine....and that he too and his brothers in a bond stronger than that of a knight to their king search for it too. If you find this little black book with golden pages, just don't even touch it, they'll find you and these men of the old world, well they ain't take to kindly to strangers.
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The Black Book with Golden Pages
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