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 The Sniper

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An American sniper known as William Turner was found dead just north of Blackwater during the assault of the Confederates.
While the Union and the Confederacy are in the brink of war here in Texas, Union Colonel Evans hired an American sniper who served earlier during the battles against the Indians out west. The Sniper was known to be very skillful and resilient. He was ordered to take out the leader of the Confederacy, known as Johnny Rebel, and any other Confederate that stood in his way.
William Turner rode up to the Great Plains to find any Confederate soldier that would eventually lead him to Johnny Rebel. He found two soldiers and declared that one of them was Johnny. He moved behind trees and boulders just to get a clear view. As they were clear in his scope, he waited to officially confirm if they were aggressive. After in cover for some time, the two soldiers located his position and immediately started firing. Under pressure, William only had the chance to take one shot and fired at one soldier who was not presumed dead but injured.
He retreated to Blackwater to explain his story to the press and Union and also resided on the rooftops of Blackwater to ensure its safety from upcoming attack from the Confederacy. While on the rooftops, he saw one Confederate soldier creeping in Blackwater hiding through alleys and avoiding any other Union officer. William took a quick glimpse and saw Johnny Rebel himself in Blackwater so he waited to see if he would commit any crimes against the Union.
During break, the Union soldiers went to the saloon to take a few drinks which made it easy for Johnny to enter the Unions Recruiting Center to steal some information. William, on top of the Blackwater theatre, waited for Johnny to come out to take a clear shot. Another Confederate soldier with a rifle on his hands came running into the Recruiting Center. Not only did William saw this but a town folk also saw the man barging in. The soldier went outside and was shot down by simple town folk. Johnny Rebel thought that it was the sniper who shot but came out to only see a citizen being the cause of the shooting leaving him wide open to William's scope. Johnny ran behind the Town Hall and was shot by William after he was out of cover. William stated that it was a quick, risky shot but he took it. He climbed down the building to arrest Johnny but a few Confederate soldiers were covering him on the borders of Blackwater. Union soldiers were in confusion and took cover in the saloon while Johnny Rebel still pursued to attack the man who shot him. William was shot but not dead. Johnny Rebel and his soldiers retreated and William Turner was treated for his injury. Not many words were spoken by the Union after this incident.
Johnny Rebel, knowing that there is a sniper in Blackwater that intends to assassinate him, plans to do the same towards the sniper. William prepares himself for this and waits for the Confederacy. He located an enemy sniper on a roof of a house and outwits him. He flanks his position and captures the enemy sniper. The Confederate soldier was brought into the Union Recruiting Center as a prisoner but Johnny Rebel came back as negotiator. Little did William know that the way Johnny negotiates is with his guns. Johnny threw his Molotov through the window and came barging in only to rifle-butt William in the face to free the Confederate sniper. William continued to pursue Johnny with a bloody face but could not aim precisely. He was shot in the heart during his pursuit.
Are the Confederates smarter than the Union thinks? Will the Union be able to control the situation? The war has just begun...
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The Sniper
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