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 Locked up in Escalera.

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PostSubject: Locked up in Escalera.   Tue Oct 18, 2011 5:33 pm

Archer Hawkens was headed home after a hunt in Tall Trees, he lived in beecher's hope which wasn't too far away. When he arrived he noticed three black horses hitched outside his barn. "These aren't mine" he thought. As he approached the barn he heard foot steps behind. He looked at the ground and saw the shadow of a man standing behind him. Slowly Archer drew his revolver from its holster.

"Dont even think about it Archer Hawkens" a voice said. Archer then felt cold steel against his neck. "We know who you are and your coming with us." Archer was running out of options, but he was a quick thinker, he whipped around grabbing the barrel of the gun that was stuck into his neck, snatching it right out of the mans hand and all in one action put two rounds in his chest. Archer drew his revolver and stormed through the barn doors with two guns drawn. But inisde Archer realized he was out gunned and out manned, there were fifteen men all in black suits in the barn waiting for him with rifles drawn.

"Ok you win" Archer said as he laid his weapons on the ground.

"About damn time" a man said as he hit Archer on the back of the head knocking him out cold.

A few hours past and Archer was slowly regaining conciousness. He couldn't remember anything that had happenend most was just a blur, Archer felt like he had woken up in a bad dream. "How long to Escalera?" a man in a suit asked the mexican driving the stagecoach.

"Not too long now" The driver replied.

Archer began to look around him, he noticed he was in a prison stage coach and he was in Mexico. Slowly Archer passed back out. Archer woke up in a jail cell deep in the dungeon of the Escalerea mansion. Where he was gaurded by the Mexican Military, he was treated like a dog. The fed him bread that they mixed into water which created this awful looking slop. "Not even my pig would eat this stuff" Archer thought. Archer knew he had to get out but was biding his time for the perfect moment.

Months and Months went by and Archer was still locked up. He hasn't seen the light of day since he got there, it had felt like he had been there his whole life and it was time to get out. He started hammering rocks together repeatedly in hopes of making one side of the rock jagged and sharp. After, he fastened it to a spoon the gaurds gave him to eat his slop with using hair from his head as string. It has been a year in this hell hole and Archer was ready to get out. As the gaurd lifted the trap door to slide his food through he noticed Archer was presumably dead. The gaurd opened the door and walked up close to Archer, as he reached his hand towards Archer neck to check his pulse Archer grabbed it and slit the gaurds throat. Grabbing his gun and making his way to the exit Archer started hearing alot of noise coming from the outside. He broke through the wooden exit door and seen what all the commotion was. Keith Hawkens his brother had came to rescue him. Together Keith and Archer Hawkens fought the Mexican army and made there escape.
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Locked up in Escalera.
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