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 The tale of Conway and Twitty

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The tale of Conway and Twitty Empty
PostSubject: The tale of Conway and Twitty   The tale of Conway and Twitty Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2012 7:21 pm

This story is about man whose heart is filled with absolute darkness, who takes no pleasure from wonders that the world throws at him, and holds no desire for wealth, lust, nor the very gift of life. The tale about a man who's soul-fulfilling desire is to watch the world burn and to smile at the face of suffering. The man did not know his own name but through his travels, his victims call him Twitty. As the story progresses out comes another man from the horizon. A lone drifter who faces a lost responsibility then later becomes his eternal destiny. A man, whose heart that is nothing but good, carries his self-sacrificing body to help others in need. The people who were saved came upon to call this man Conway. This is the story about two men, complete opposites, the very good and evil, the epic conclusion of their fates....

Not too long ago before Texas became its own country, life around West Elizabeth was simple and safe just until Twitty has laid his foot down on the docks of Blackwater. None can say how he looked like at the time. Possibly because of the lack of infamy he was carrying around his shoulders in Texas. The sight of a calm, working, organized town disgusted Twitty and sought to end it quickly. He wanders around town to imagine its future demise and ponders on the idea of making happen. Twitty grew tired of seeing the town and rode off into the plains seeking shelter. Upon riding, he finds a place where he felt comfortable and isolated in the darkness. The tall trees were thick enough to block out portions of the sun and the cabin was perfect his needs of human survival. There he waited and waited for the days to pass until he discover what he needed.

A group a natives approached him in the wilderness. They scolded at him saying, “what are you doing here white man?" Twitty did not answer and continued riding. The natives followed him, maintaining their distance; they continue to ask questions that were answered with no reply. Trying to fulfill their curiosity, they stalked Twitty until he finally spoke. "Take me to your leader" he said. The natives quickly responded as if they were persuaded through long conversation. Twitty arrived at a native reservation where more natives flocked and prospered. Twitty laid eyes upon the leader and locked in conversation where he manipulated him into believing that only through action they can finally get what they deserve and not remain as slaves to the government. Within minutes, Twitty became the leader of dozens of natives that were all willing to fight and die under his shadow.

Twitty came around a trading post in Tall Trees and went inside. Dan, the owner of the trading post, said, “Hello, how can i help you sir?" Twitty replied by swinging the handle of his revolver across his face. As Dan woke up, all he sees is his store up in flames and a bunch of natives all hauling out the supplies that were inside and taking them away for themselves. Dan looks to his right sees Twitty walking towards. Upon realizing that he is out back with his hands and feet bound by rope, he gazes at Twitty to see what he was about to do. Twitty approached him and said, “Thank you for helping us, we got everything we need....goodbye now." Twiity then stabs him on the side and leaves the scene before the lawmen showed up. Twiity and the rest of his natives met up at the reservation giving food and supplies to the natives who resided there. Everyone was celebrating except for Twitty, in fact he walked away hoping that it would end soon. Upon arrival, he spoke to his natives and said that the next plan of action was to rob the bank of Blackwater. The natives, without question, accepted the task and cheered of joy.

Before the day bank robbery, Twitty spoke to each of the native warriors separately telling them each different responsibilities and agreed. Morning came around and the natives were anxious but different. Almost as if they didn't seem themselves. Twitty gave the order and rode to Blackwater with haste. They arrived and quickly surrounded the bank, while a separate group marched straight into the police station and shot the unprepared marshals. The other natives poured into the bank and kept everyone there hostage while the rest blew the door open for the money. The process took time and the natives inside the police station were slaughtered. The sheriffs and marshals came out and head to the bank only to encounter themselves in another shootout with more natives. The natives inside the bank, however, were dying. After each native was done with their specific task, they were shot in the back by their native brethren. After the money was loaded into the wagon, another native was shot by their own. The rest of the natives started to kill each and every one of them in belief that less money will be shared. The remaining two natives along with Twitty fled from Blackwater with the money and the rest were left to die by either their own brothers or by the lawmen. Twitty's cabin was reached and the remaining natives were glad to have escaped and followed Twitty inside his home. Once the money was taken down and stored in Twitty's home, he told them, "Your job here is done.", and shot both of them in the head with his black revolver. Twitty then burned the money and left the two bodies there for the lawmen to see. He rode away with the feeling of self-accomplishment and with a devious smile on his face.

Twitty then came across a town that was perfect for his nature. A town with no laws and no morals. A town filled with sin and betrayal. Twitty decided that he needed a partner whilst visiting this town considering that he will find what he looking for. He came across many criminals but none appealed to Twitty until he went to an alley way and found himself a serial killer literally killing a man and a woman that was kindly paid for her personal services. His name was Wayne Daniels. Twitty asked him why did he kill them and Wayne replied by saying, "Why i killed them? I just wanted to see their reaction on how i stabbed them. It’s not about why it’s about how you kill em." Twitty then asked Wayne if he'd like to come with him on a mission. Wayne Daniels kindly accepted with the persuasion of money that was left by Twitty. They rode away from town heading west to see what ventures further.

A rather large ranch was discovered along the road. Twitty and Wayne took refuge in one of the small houses there for the night. They had no problems finding a house to stay in considering that Wayne killed the residence even after they offered us a place to sleep. None were alarmed, however, upon waking up; Twitty steps outside only to find bodies of men and women laid all across the ranch. Wayne approached him and said, “I was busy last night." Despite the fact that this was not part of Twitty's plan, it was one way to quickly cast out the fear into the pedestrians. Twitty did not approve of this but he did not punish him for it, instead they rode off to another town in hopes of more chaos to unravel. Following the roads that lead to the west, Twitty finds himself in a situation where Wayne Daniels killed every single person he found on the road whether they were people on horseback, on wagons, or on foot. Twitty did not participate however, he watched as Wayne Daniels burned his victims alive with fire bottles. Twitty did not care for those people nor did he care for the intensity of his infamy. All he desired was to send out a message.

Another town came into the horizon. They were in the desert now and this town was just what Twity was looking for. Twitty and Wayne Daniels approached to saloon. Word has already gotten around so they were both wanted men. A group of gunslingers came into the saloon and started asking questions. They answered with bullets shot right into their chests. The lawmen weren't in town so there was not much commotion, only inside the saloon where everyone else was scared to even move without the risk of getting shot. The bartender gave free drinks to Twitty and Wayne in hopes that he will be safe. A man then walks into the saloon and stares at Twitty. Twitty turns his head and looks at the man and starts to get a painful headache. Twitty then asks, “Who are you!" The man didn't reply. Twitty thinks nothing of it so he walks away with his free bottle whisky and walks around town. That mysterious man comes up to him again and says, “Stop what you’re doing Twitty. These people don’t deserve this." Twitty laughs at him and walks away. Wayne Daniels offered to kill him but Twitty aggressively demanded him not to kill anyone without his permission. Wayne stood in shock but respectfully obeyed. They left town and found campsite nearby so they can revisit. Twitty's work wasn’t done. A week later, Twitty visits the town again. The lawmen were here this time but all they did was watch Twitty and his partner looking concerned and waiting for something to happen. Twitty and Wayne continue to walk around town making their presence clear to the public. Everyone was frightened and carefully watched the two visitors. Men were ready to pull out their revolvers and the women and children went inside their homes. Fortunately for Twitty, the lawmen in town were rather busy with gang members such as the Walton gang at the moment so they rode out. Twitty used this time to rob the bank of Armadillo as soon as they left. Wayne Daniels made it his top priority to kill every single person in the bank without Twitty's permission. Hostages were out of the question so they quickly got all the money and got out. Once Twitty got on his horse he saw that man again and received another painful migraine. Wayne asked him if he was alright. Twitty shrugged it off and rode off to the campsite. Twitty knew what happened back there with Wayne was a mistake so he threatens Wayne and kicks him out of the campsite. Twitty then rides into town and makes a speech: "My people hear me! These lawmen cannot protect you for they are nothing but corrupt, greedy criminals who only care for what’s best for them! They get paid to leave this town helpless so then criminals can take advantage! They cannot protect you but i can! Anarchy is the only way! Take what is rightfully yours and do not let the corrupt keep you imprisoned!" Twitty was then shot by a marshal but manages to escape back to the camp. Upon arrival, he sees Wayne by the camp waiting. He apologizes to Twitty and promises to never disobey him again. Twitty accepts and starts discussing with him on the next move on Armadillo.

Another week has passed and the town is visited again by Twitty and Wayne. The town was quiet and almost deserted. Twitty paid no mind and rode with Wayne to the saloon.
As soon as Twitty took a few steps in the saloon, a large group of lawmen surround him pointing rifles and revolvers on him. Before Twitty can even react, he feels a cold chill on the back of his neck. "That better not be your gun pointed at me WAYNE."Twitty said. As soon as Twitty laid eyes upon Wayne he flinched and his eyes filled with fear. "I'm sorry but it was either me or you, they were gonna kill both of us if i didn't hand you in!" The marshal stated,"Its over Twitty your surrounded theres nowhere to go." Twitty then surrendered and was brought to jail. The mysterious man showed up and paid Twitty a visit. "You again?" Twitty said. The man did nothing but stare until he asked Twitty,
"Who am i?" Twitty did not reply, instead he gives him a dead stare while trying to resist the pain he has inside his head. The man then walks away and has a conversation with the marshal. The man identified himself as Conway and he has been travelling across America looking for something. Conway then begins to say that he needs to duel Twitty and that it is his destiny. The marshal gives Conway an odd look but trusts him for a particular reason. He arranges a duel to happen at Coots Chapel before the sun sets. As for Wayne Daniels, he rewarded by turning Twitty in by getting a pardon of all of his murders and a portion of the stolen bank money.

The jail gates were opened. Everyone watched as Twitty came out of his cell with his hands bound. The town was silent as if they felt still threatened by his presence. Twitty, Conway, Wayne Daniels, and a group a lawmen escorted Twitty along the roads to Coots Chapel which was an old abandoned church that was never restored. Conway was confident and was certain that this was what he was meant to do. Twitty, walking along with a slight smirk on his face, believes that he can get out of this. They arrived at the church. Twitty was cut loose and given back his revolver with one bullet in the chamber. They set him up by the dead tree on the left side of the church. Conway was set on the opposite end and had this white shiny revolver at hand. Twitty started to notice that Conway was getting headaches as well. Twitty laughed and was ready to duel. Before the duel started, the marshal asked Twitty if there were any last words in case he died. Twitty stated, “I hope to see you all in hell one day, especially you Wayne." The marshal began to count down.
3......... The sun was setting making things darker but still enough light to see clearly.........2.......... The glare caught Conway's eye................1............. Twitty gave a serious look as if his life depended on it.....................Draw.................... They both pull out their revolvers faster than anyone else has ever seen. They both shot one round. Twitty was hit right through the eye and fell back almost like a statue........ But Conway was hit too..... Conway falls to his knees and falls forward..... The sun has set. Not one word was said.
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The tale of Conway and Twitty
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